My first step in the Open tech community with FOSSASIA and GCI…

GCI or Google Code In Competition was introduced to me by my sister. My sister told me about this competition just the next day after it started. Frankly speaking, at first when I came know that it is all about programming and related stuff, I just said ‘No’ at that moment.

I really don’t like programming but after some research I got to know about that children who don’t know much about programming can also participate and can do many other tasks.

Many organizations are involved in this competition which give a variety of tasks to the participants, varying from programming to documentation to outreach and other domains. I found this interesting because this would be my first time when I would competing in a global competition, plus get to help organizations, as well as expand my knowledge base. You can know more about GCI here.

My first task which I chose was from FOSSASIA. This is an organization with the motive of “bringing together an inspiring community across borders and ages to form a better future with open technologies”. The annual FOSSASIA open techsummit is one of the happening events they organize, apart from other events they hold throughout the year. You can know more about FOSSASIA¬†here.

And the big thing which inspired me to participate in the competition was that the Grand Prize Winner will get a chance to go to the Google Headquarters in California. Everyone knows what Google is, and I would definitely love to go visit the headquarters of the giant company on which every person on the internet trusts without fear.